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Version 5.0
Information and support for builders of the Bearhawk

So Whatsa Bearhawk?

Bearhawk Plans/Kit Information

Please note that the Bearhawk can be built from scratch (plans), various forms of kits, or a combination thereof.

Prototype Photos

Construction Photos

Sample Bearhawk Pilot Operating Handbook

Bearhawk Sightings


Tool Reference

Bear-Tracks and Hawk Talk Newsletter Archives

Technical Guidance - index to Bear-Tracks, e-mail list archives, and other sources

Bearhawk Web Sites

Bearhawker Humor - WARNING - Some of these Bearhawkers are loonier than others...

Reference Material

Additional Web Links - courtesy of EAA Chapter 1000's Web Site

Reasons for this CD, Technical Support, Searching the CD, and other Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

Revised 12 November 2007